• Leading the Way in Secure IT Recycling Solutions

      Having previously serviced over 64000 clients and having over 40 combined years in the the ITAD industry National Asset Disposals offers a cost free and comprehensive computer recycling and IT disposal solutions across the united kingdom, ensuring the utmost security and compliance.

    • Computer Recycling & Disposal

      Zero cost secure IT recycling services offered to all sectors in the UK with no hidden fees. 

    • Free IT Recycling

      Embrace utmost professionalism with our secure computer recycling and IT disposal. Safeguard your data throughout the process.

    • Secure Data Destruction

      National Asset Disposals ensures secure data destruction. Devices undergo tailored erasure for your security needs.

    • WEEE Recycling

      Trust National Asset Disposals Recycling for comprehensive WEEE recycling and professional computer disposal services across the UK.

    IT Recycling Solutions


    Welcome to National Asset Disposals, your partner for free and responsible IT recycling. We're dedicated to eco-friendly solutions that cover collection, transportation, and secure data destruction before recycling. Join us in reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainability. Schedule a pickup and make a positive impact today.

    Our IT Disposal Solutions

    We perform IT recycling on the following equipment:

    • PC's
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
    • Servers
    • Switches
    • Printers
    • Projectors
    • Mobile Phones

    Plus all other I.T related equipment.

    Data Destruction Standards

    We uphold the utmost data destruction standards in IT Asset Disposition. Our NCSC Infosec Level 5 compliance ensures meticulous and irreparable data elimination using advanced methods, prioritizing confidentiality and compliance for businesses' complete peace of mind.

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    Licence and Legislation

    Explore compliant IT Asset Disposal with us. We masterfully handle licenses and legislation, alleviating your legal concerns and enabling your core pursuits with confidence.

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    We possess the necessary licensing and authorization granted by The Environment Agency to transport your waste through our Waste Carriers, Brokers, and Dealers Licence.